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The Company, then named New York TRW Title Insurance of New York, was a wholly owned subsidiary of TRW Title pursuant to a stock purchase agreement consummated January 10, 1994; Nations Holding Group purchased all of the issued and outstanding shares of TRW Title the company subsequently changed its name to Nations Title Insurance of New York.
Fidelity New York, a wholly owned subsidiary of FNFI, purchased 100percent of the issued and outstanding common shares of the Company. The department approved this acquisition. The Company is engaged primarily in the business of issuing title insurance policies and secondarily in performing other title related services such as escrow, collection and trust activities in connection with real estate transactions. These secondary services are provided through the Company’s independent agents who issue policies on the Company’s behalf.
During the period under examination, the Company maintained full service underwriting and claims regional offices located in Irvine, CA; Walnut Creek, CA; New York, NY and Dallas, TX. In addition, business is produced through approximately two thousand six hundred, 2600 independent agents and brokers. The Company assumes a relatively minor volume of business from other insurers compared to its direct writings less than one percent. The majority of these assumptions are on a facultative basis and are non obligatory.
All ceded reinsurance contracts affected during the examination period were reviewed. These contracts all contained an insolvency clause meeting the requirements of the New York Insurance Law. Nations Title Insurance of New York formerly known as TRW Title Insurance of New York became a controlled insurer of Fidelity National Title Insurance Company of New York upon acquisition on April 1, 1996. Control was acquired by a stock purchase agreement with Nations Title, under which FNFI agreed to purchase 10o percent of the stock of Nations Title Insurance of New York. The acquisition was approved by the Insurance Department.

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