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Title insurance was born after the nation was almost a century old. In the past, it was not usual to have any form of insurance or guarantee when there were transferences of lands. It was until an historic court decision in 1868 that became evident the necessity of a protection to the parties involved in a contract of transference of a real property.
The inadequacy of safeguards brought the creation of title insurance making the real estate market more secure and stable. One interesting fact was that almost immediately, in 1876, it was founded the first title insurance company by a group of conveyances in Philadelphia.

Globe Title Agency has come a long way since their start seventy five years ago. From a one room office, to a multiple office location, their philosophy has not changed. Their goal remains to provide you and your family with the best choices in insurance and financial services possible. There are choices because they help you to understand your insurance needs, and then help you to find products to fill those needs.
In preparing proposals they work hard to build an insurance program that delivers superior protection at a reasonable cost. Their recommendations are based on your description of exposures unique to your operation and their knowledge of quality insurance products available in today's marketplace.
For over seventy five years their family owned agency has valued the importance of the personalized attention required to maintain good customer relations. Yet their premium volume is large enough to search the world wide insurance marketplace, on behalf of their clients, for the most comprehensive coverage’s at the most competitive prices.
As an independent title agency, Globe title Agency, Inc. considers it their mission to present you with educated insurance choices. At your direction they can work as risk managers to facilitate an entire insurance program.

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