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Wolet Abstract is providing the best title insurance means they also provide the best service before they write the policy for you. Their in house staff values personal contact with their attorney and mortgage lender clients, and their title search team takes pride in leaving no detail unexamined. Purchasing land for construction or buying an existing structure requires much diligence and investigation before closing. Both buyers and mortgage lenders want to know the property is free of harmful history.
Title insurance protects you from problems before they emerge. Liens, old claims, and any other unresolved issues can delay a property closing and often damage the property value at stake. Wolet Abstract has the experience and staff to thoroughly and accurately search all relevant public records to reveal any interest in the property or question that requires dispensation before closing.
They direct their services to busy attorneys and mortgage lenders, and they are dedicated to providing the highest quality title insurance underwritten by the nation's most highly respected title insurance companies. They work very hard to protect their customers, so their top level managers are always available to you, any time, to answer questions, form strategy, and assist in resolving claims issues.
Wolet Abstract offers title insurance for real estate owners and policies for mortgage lenders, Searches on last owners, Searches on variances, as zoning issues may have changed during the last ownership, Map abstracts and filing, as most properties require a map or survey; some projects in some areas flood plains, wetlands and many more. The Company also offers Escrow services, Local municipality title certifications, which they will determine for you and satisfy, a complete staff of experienced searchers, plus access to all other services needed for title searches surveyors, specialized attorneys, engineers, inspectors, and appraisers.
Their years of dedicated title excellence, a staff of unequalled knowledge and experience that stands ready to provide unparalleled service is what sets them apart from the rest of the industry. It is their mission, at Wolet Abstract, to provide mortgage and real estate transfers for property owners in a professional, yet personal manner.

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