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Title Insurance Rate Service Assoc. Inc.

TIRSA is licensed by the superintendent of insurance of the State of New York as the Rate Service Organization and statistical agent of the department under Article 23 of the New York Insurance Law. Acting under the supervision of the superintendent of insurance, TIRSA receives, compiles and submits to the department all statistical data for title insurance premiums, losses and expenses.
The rates and rules of company are as the rates for ordinary residential and commercial transactions for title insurance coverage provided by the standard forms of policies set forth in this manual. Unless specifically stated otherwise in this manual, or in a policy, endorsement or other form, residential real property means a one to four family dwelling, an individual condominium used as a dwelling or an individual cooperative apartment or unit used as a dwelling.
The Company, upon announcement to its applicant, may decline to search, examine or insure any title, or to issue any endorsement to a policy. It may, at any time, in its lone judgment, refuse an application or cancel any unclosed application of the applicant, without liability on the part of the Company. Any such announcement, refusal or cancellation shall be in writing.
The Company may enforce additional work charges in especially difficult titles. Extra charges may be made at or after the receipt of the application for examination of title which may involve additional tax lots, multiple chains of title, land under water, land in bed of streets, rights of way, driveways, easements, strips and gores, foreclosures, proceedings under federal bankruptcy or state insolvency related statutes, or which involve other unusual difficulties, or for unusual expenditures for travel, or for recording instruments, telephone, telegraph or delivery charges. The Company may impose additional charges for closing attendance in excess of two hours and for any closings extending beyond normal business hours and where additional attendances are necessary or travel arrangements and distance warrant.

Title Insurance Rate Service Assoc. guarantees that no one else can claim yourproperty. It also provides the peace of mind that you do not invite unexpected debts from your new property Even if you have owned your property for years, unexpected problems can arise that may put your ownership in danger. The title insurance policy means that your lender can be reassured regarding their loan, and you can be reassured regarding possible problems with your property.

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