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Team Research

Team Research has only one goal and that’s providing you with the most accurate and up to date information available. Team Research provides the most detailed experience in the industry. They have over a century of combined experience in providing municipal and tax information to title and real estate industries.
At Team Research their commitment is to provide you with fast and accurate information. But they are also dedicated to the old standards of customer service, which means being courteous and willing to help you in every way they can. And to ensure you get the personal service you deserve. Team Research has provided a complete range of research services for the title insurance, lending, legal profession and real estate related industries since 1993.
As the industry expanded, title insurance companies and their agents began providing basic services to real estate sellers, buyers, lenders, brokers, developers, attorneys, builders, and others. The title insurance objective is to protect the parties concerned about real state deals by determining their rights and interests as well as to ensure the secure and quick transfer of property.

Title insurance guarantees that no one else can claim your property. It also provides the peace of mind that you will not invite any unexpected debts from your new property. Even if you have owned your property for years, unexpected problems can arise that may put your ownership in danger. The title insurance policy means that your lender can be reassured regarding their loan, and you can be reassured regarding possible problems with your property.

Municipal Services provides a description of the services their field representatives routinely research in the records of the town and village halls and local municipal agencies. Tax Services provides a description of the various services offered that are connected with the real estate taxes and information provided by local tax departments.

Most people usually only insure their homes against fire and flood. If there was a natural disaster on your property and your house was demolished, you would still end up owning the land. A title insurance policy protects the owner if the actual house is taken away in a disaster. The title insurance policy coverage will last as long as you own the home. You can have cover and peace of mind for all these events if they do occur, from only one initial premium.

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