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Herrick, Feinstein LLP

In 1928, two young lawyers guided by entrepreneurial spirit and steadfast to the rule of law set up shop in Brooklyn, right across the street from the New York Supreme Court. Three quarters of a century and one borough later, Herrick, Feinstein is one of the region’s most prominent mid sized law firms, providing a full range of legal services to businesses and individuals around the world. From their offices in New York City, New York and Princeton and Newark, New Jersey, they not only represent clients in the tri state area, but also serve as counsel to Fortune 500 companies and international corporations.
With more than 150 attorneys, Herrick, Feinstein provides a full range of legal services to businesses and individuals around the world.  They combine broad legal expertise with a common sense approach to the assessment of risk and a walk through walls dedication to achieving their clients goals.
They use their knowledge, experience and resources to help their clients achieve their business goals and move forward. Partnering with clients is the way they practice law. With a sophisticated understanding of the business needs that drive legal issues, they use their tools knowledge, experience and innovation to implement comprehensive solutions to even the most complex business challenges.
They created New York Federal Savings Bank in 1989, and sold it in 1997 to Flushing Federal Savings for a return of approximately eight times the original investment. They invested in, and became controlling shareholders of, Edwards Capital Company, a leader in the taxi medallion finance business and an active corporation. They sold it to Medallion Financial Corporation in 1996 at a profit.
Their culture stresses the importance of understanding client needs and then employing the requisite talents, firm wide, in a team effort focused upon a desired result. Their size gives them the breadth and flexibility to assemble client service teams without the layering and other inefficiencies common to bigger firms.

Their goal is to conduct a closing that exceeds your client's expectations. Their professional and courteous staff is dedicated to making your client's satisfaction their primary focus. They have the experience to handle even the most difficult cases in a timely manner. You can trust that from the moment they receive your contract until the last paper is signed, that your client and your reputation and will be their top priorities.

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