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Southern Tier Abstract Corp.

As the industry expanded, title insurance companies and their agents began providing basic services to real estate sellers, buyers, lenders, brokers, developers, attorneys, builders, and others. The title insurance objective is to protect the parties concerned about real state deals by determining their rights and interests as well as to ensure the secure and quick transfer of property.
Not unlike the mortgage and real estate industries, the advancement of electronic document processing and storage, coupled with the increased speed of transmission via broadband Internet connections, has created a forceful operation those handicaps smaller operations that cannot invest in the latest technology. Their consolidation has created an agency of sufficient size for implementation of new technologies that enhances the prospects of the title industry remaining locally owned and operated, as opposed to being a national branch office of a business run from outside of Sullivan County.
Prior to this consolidation, no single resident title agency had the critical mass to absorb the investment in Web based technology that is needed to compete long term against national title underwriters.
The Southern Tier title agency is provided as is and without any warranty of any kind, express or indirect, including, but not limited to, the warranties of non infringement of intellectual property, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. southern tier title agency does not warrant that the information viewed at or reported on any southern tier title agency is correct, accurate or reliable, the functions contained would be uninterrupted or error free, any defects will be corrected. Southern Tier title agency specifically disclaims any responsibility and will not be liable in any way for the documents, content, information, material, products, or services contained in the southern tier title agency. Southern Tier title agency will not be liable for any errors and omissions contained in such documents, content, information, material, products, or services. 

Most people usually only insure their homes against fire and flood. If there was a natural disaster on your property and your house was demolished, you would still end up owning the land. A title insurance policy protects the owner if the actual house is taken away in a disaster. The title insurance policy coverage will last as long as you own the home. You can have cover and peace of mind for all these events if they do occur, from only one initial premium.

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