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Gifford Abstract Corporation

Gifford Abstract Corporation was established in 1929 by Henry Gifford, who had previously worked for Mohawk Abstract and decided to start his own business. In 1954, his son Edward gave up teaching high school chemistry to come work for his father. Henry died in 1956, and Ed continued to work while clerking for the law office of Maynard, O'Connor and Smith.
The company was incorporated in 1961, and continued to grow. Tom Gifford began work in 1977. In 1979, Gifford Abstract signed its first agency agreement, and began writing title insurance. The company is now run by a committee of officers, and profits are shared among all employees. Today, the firm underwrites for three title insurance companies, has some twelve employees, has offices in Schenectady, Saratoga, and Albany, and regularly does business in counties throughout northeastern New York.
The firm provides high quality and reliable title insurance and other title services to home buyers in upstate New York. In addition to home purchases and individual mortgages, Gifford Abstract is fully equipped and experienced to handle corporate purchases of any size. In the past, they have handled multi-million dollar projects like housing developments, industrial properties, and specialized projects like power lines and railways. They understand that corporations cannot afford title and property disputes, and the thoroughness of their searching reflects this commitment to preserving your asset.
They are the best choice for several other reasons Gifford Abstract have no economic or contractual ties to any bank, real estate agent, law firm, or other player in the closing process. As a result, they can protect your interest, without any possibility of conflict with other interests. Gifford Abstract does all their own searching and examining of titles.
Since Gifford Abstract doesn’t farm out any part of this work, they can control the production of your title work from start to finish. The firm has been doing business in this area since 1929, so they have tens of thousands of files, and so may well have worked on your property before. This speeds up the work considerably. Additionally, the extensive experience and training of their searchers means that you get the highest quality, most thorough searches possible.

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