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Smith Mazure Director Wilkins Young

Smith Mazure is a liability defense firm that has represented insurance companies, self insureds and municipalities for more than a quarter of a century. Focused on the needs of clients with direct exposure in New York and New Jersey, their Attorneys are committed to deliver bottom line results. They know that good lawyering means more than good results it means their clients can rely on them. Smith Mazure is a liability defense law firm focused on civil litigation. Their clients are major insurance carriers, self insured and third party administrators.
Many of their insurance clients have come to them frustrated that their previous coverage attorneys could never make a decision they just couldn't commit. Claims often remained open for long periods and billing hours mounted. They know what a difficult situation this can be for the insurance carrier so they provide a coverage opinion that outlines all of the options always recommending the option that they think is best. Whether the carrier is simply seeking an opinion or wants them to act against or defend a declaratory judgment lawsuit, their recommendations are clear, so in turn, the carrier can make the most informed decision possible.
They offer their clients quality work and good results at reasonable rates. They know that their clients are refined consumers of legal services. They know that clients want them to resolve cases steadily, fairly and on as timely a basis as possible. They do that by estimating case results accurately, practicing cost effectively and working within each client's litigation guidelines.
Their attorneys are divided into client teams. Client teams are focused, dedicated groups that are tailored specifically to each client's needs. Their most experienced and well seasoned attorneys are team leaders. Thier role is crutial to their clients’ success. By supervising the work and participating in strategy sessions, they are able to give their clients the benefit of the most senior attorneys and still use blended rates.
Client based teams let them adapt their procedures and approach to fit yours. Team members interact with the client on a daily basis and build honest, working relationships with the individuals and their counterparts at the company. 

Defending third party lawsuits for insurance carriers has been and remains, a cornerstone of their practice. In fact, many of their attorneys began their careers as claim professionals and insurance carrier staff counsel. For this reason, working in conjunction with the insurance carrier and providing defense for the insured is first hand and experienced based.

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