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Access Title Insurance Agency, Inc.

Access Title Insurance Agency, Inc. is a company with the knowledge, dedication, and drive to meet the needs of the entire real estate industry. Their vision, one to provide quality title and escrow services to the real estate community throughout the New York area, has grown with the experienced, professional staff at Access Title who will help you reach your goals.

The firm is underwritten by some of the nation's largest title insurance companies Stewart Title, United General Title and First American Title. Their cutting edge, fully automated technologies provide you with complete and comprehensive title insurance services.

Title insurance guarantees that noone else can claim your property. It also provides the peace of mind that you will not incur unexpected debts from your new property. Even if you have owned your property for years, unexpected problems can arise that may put your ownership in jeopardy. The title insurance policy means that your lender can be reassured regarding their loan, and you can be reassured regarding possible problems with your property.

The services they provide are basic searches, full search, Attorney Search, Co-op Search, Municipal Search, Bankruptcy Search, Current Owner Search and Continuation Search. Their Additional Services include New Survey, Survey Inspection, Survey Locate, Escrow Service Accounts and Recording and Filing of documents.

When you are putting an important part of your life in someone else's hands, choose someone you trust. Access Title strives to be that trustworthy entity. As the industry expanded, Access Title Insurance Agency, Inc. and their agents began providing basic services to real estate sellers, buyers, lenders, brokers, developers, attorneys, builders, and others.
Access Title Insurance Agency's objective is to protect the parties concerned about real state deals by determining their rights and interests as well as to ensure the secure and quick transfer of property.

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