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Blackstone Title Services is a full service, state of the art title insurance company.  Their highly experienced staff has worked in the title insurance industry for over a combined 30 years.

As the industry expanded, title insurance companies and their agents began providing basic services to real estate sellers, buyers, lenders, brokers, developers, attorneys, builders, and others.
The company objective is to protect the parties concerned about real state deals by determining their rights and interests as well as to ensure the secure and quick transfer of property.
In the US, any issue that affects titles and other real estate concerns are registered in public records. Through deep investigations of public records, they find out all details about the titles and history transactions in order to keep a registry for their potential clients.

Its officers are active, knowledgeable and efficient in their activities to satisfy its client’s needs. Towards that goal they offer excellent service, efficient reporting and personal customer satisfaction. They are always looking for new ways to make their service quicker and are available for questions and inquire regarding new or old title reports and pride themselves in handling all tasks in a timely manner.

Their expertise in title insurance, banking and real estate law uniquely qualifies them to offer the highest degree of knowledge and service.

Although it is a product considerably different from other kinds of insurance coverage, the title insurance can be very effective for avoiding losses and claims in real estate transactions.
The title insurance is a type of insurance that protects the financial interest in property of a lender or owner. In the United States this type of insurance is very common and many companies are specialized in offering a good service to protect their clients. By doing this, the companies are more efficient at the moment of detecting, preventing and removing risks and losses attributable to title problems. Usually, the coverage of the companies is provided on commercial and residential properties, aircraft and personal property collateral, nautical vessels, among others. 

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