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Abstracters' Information Service Inc.

Abstracters' Information Service, Inc. was formed in 1976 to help meet the growing need in the New York/Metro area for a municipal research company. Their founders, originally Employed by a municipality, used their knowledge of the existing systems of various agencies to develop research methods which resulted in faster and more accurate real property related Searches.
In 1980, they began transforming from manual to computerized research networks to meet projected business expansion as well as expanding the types of searches offered. Today, their tailor made software retrieves information stored in company data files which form the basis for all field research. Their computer system allows them to continuously track work from the time a search is ordered to the time it is returned. For client records, they provide daily computerized confirmation of all work requests.
The firm is currently delivering reports electronically, directly to the desktop of some clients. In addition, the firm is on a mission to build an interactive data warehouse for the purpose of allowing clients to retrieve information instantaneously. Over the past decade, their clients have grown from a handful of abstract companies to more than 400 title and abstract companies, funding companies, attorneys and real estate. A.I.S. now offers more than 50 different searches which can be completed on a same day basis, when required. All without sacrificing their reputation for quality and accuracy.
At your request an A.I.S. representative will arrange to meet with you for a personal consultation, or you may call their office to set up an account. To help in promptly attending to your requests, they have identified key individuals responsible for specific areas within A.I.S. It is to your benefit to deal directly with the personnel assigned to these areas for your immediate satisfaction. In addition, they are always available to become personally involved, at your request.


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