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MSC and its predecessor firms have been supplying surveying services in New York City since 1876. Surveying is their only business. They have no other priorities or distractions. The firm practices only within the boundaries of the City of New York. Their office is located in the City of New York. Their entire staff lives within the City of New York. They have staked their future on the City's well being and its continued growth. Their principals are David Montrose, Saeid Jalilvand and Robert Castillo.
Their staff's credentials, in general terms, are notable both academically and in terms of experience. In addition, two of the three partners have received appointments from the mayor of the City of New York as City Surveyors. This is an honor limited to New York State Licensed Land Surveyors who, following extensive experience surveying within the city limits and additional examination, are recognized by the City of New York as having expertise beyond the state license requirements.

Over a period of nearly 30 years under its present management, MSC has become a firm of unusually balanced capabilities. They are acutely aware that, no one of these capabilities assures the delivery of high quality and dependable surveying services, but they are certain that the absence of any of them will certainly preclude it. They expend great effort in the pursuit of keeping these capabilities balanced and strong.

Through years of experience, MSC is able to integrate these capabilities, permitting the conducting of high quality, dependable and accurate surveys. They are involved in more than 2000 projects. MSC is intimately familiar with the many diverse monumentation and mapping histories of the various neighborhoods in the City of New York.

In summary, the firm is experienced, equipped, knowledgeable and proven. They have extensive and balanced resources in records, staff, equipment and facilities. They have a proven long history of producing high quality surveys of similar scope, difficulty and timeframe to that, which is being proposed. They sincerely hope that you will review their qualifications and determine their suitability as a surveyor for your projects.

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