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To protect possibly the most important investment you'll ever make, the investment in real estate. A lender goes to great lengths to minimize the risk of lending money for the purchase of real estate. First, credit is checked as an indication of the borrower's ability to repay the loan. Then, the lender seeks assurance that the quality of the title to the property to be acquired and which will be pledged as security for the loan is satisfactory. The lender does this by obtaining a loan policy of title insurance.
Empire Abstract Corp is a full service title insurance agency that has been in the business ion the Empire State since 1974.  They are a title abstract corporation as opposed to a title insurance company. While they perform all the services that a title insurance company performs, they are agents as opposed to a direct operation of some of the major national title underwriting insurance companies.

They are title agents for the largest national title insurance companies First American Title Insurance Company of New York, Fidelity National Title Insurance Company of New York, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, A Division of Land America Title Insurance Company of America and United General Title Insurance Company.

Their role in the process of purchasing and mortgaging or refinancing a home, office building and/or industrial complex is an essential but misunderstood role in the closing process. They serve as the eyes, ears and defenders of their insured. While the title insurance premium is paid only once, it serves as a shield for the insured from the dangers of fraud, forgery and human error. While they are entering the 21st Century and the technology revolution, the computer is only as accurate as the human person behind it, while to err is human, to forgive is not always divine and that is why title insurance has been around since the founding fathers created their nation.

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