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Prairie Title

Most people usually only insure their homes against fire and flood. If there was a natural disaster on your property and your house was demolished, you would still end up owning the land. A title insurance policy protects the owner if the actual house is taken away in a disaster. The title insurance policy coverage will last as long as you own the home. You can have cover and peace of mind for all these events if they do occur, from only one initial premium.
Prairie Title is one of the largest residential and commercial title insurance agents in the Chicago Metropolitan area, serving six counties through 8 offices and closing facilities. Headquartered in Oak Park, Illinois, a prominent suburb just west of Chicago, Prairie Title is led by President Frank Pellegrino, whose professional experience in the title insurance industry dates back to 1978. Frank and his staff specialize in providing high quality real estate underwriting and closing services in a friendly, customer service oriented environment.
The Company closing facilities are strategically located all over the Chicago metropolitan area and they offer the convenience of closing at other locations. In addition, they will close your deal at times other than normal business hours. Prairie Title was incorporated by Frank Pellegrini, their president, in 1983. Their strength lies in the fact that they provide their customers with the convenience, flexibility and adaptability of a small company as well as the strength and security of four of the nation's largest title insurance underwriters.
The Company philosophy is to provide the finest service within their profession. For them, it's actually pretty easy. Their customers are not billing statements. Everyone has a name, face, and individual needs. They remember who's who, and by doing that, entire companies turn into people who ultimately turn into friends.
At Prairie Title, decisions are made quickly, but not imprudently. They are direct and maintain a no nonsense operation. As a result, they number among their customers some of the largest mortgage and lending institutions in the Chicago area and in the country, as well as an equally impressive roster of real estate attorneys.

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