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Northern Title Abstract

Northern Title has been serving the title insurance needs of Vilas County since 1972. Locally owned and managed, they are agents for First American Title Insurance Co., Ticor Title Insurance Co. and Security Union Title Insurance. They are members of the American Land Title Association and the Wisconsin Land Title Association.

Northern Title is dedicated to delivering the best title service available in Vilas County. Each of their employees was carefully selected for their knowledge and experience in both the title and real estate industries. The Northern Title team always strives to provide accurate, efficient service in a friendly, courteous manner. Their participation in community, real estate and title insurance organizations keeps Northern Title on the cutting edge of the industry, abreast of new developments, changes and imminent opportunities.

They offer services into Title Insurance, Title Searches, Construction Disbursing Services, Broker Closing Services, Mortgage Closing Services and Personal Closing Services.
Many title problems can cause the complete or partial loss of your home or property. Even the most careful search of public records will not find every title problem. Because some problems are hidden, your title may appear to be perfect, but in fact there may be a problem that is a land mine waiting to explode.
Owner's title insurance protects you against financial loss caused by covered title risks. The title insurer, without expense to you, will defend you against an attack on the title to your property. The title insurer will indemnify you against the defined financial loss up to the policy limit. A one-time premium provides you with this valuable protection.
While the function of most other forms of insurance is to protect the insured against losses arising out of unforeseen future events, the primary purpose of title insurance is to eliminate risks and prevent losses caused by defects in title arising out of past events.

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