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Knight-Barry Title Inc.

Knight-Barry’s fastest growing office has expanded to accommodate its growing customer base. After less than two years in Madison, the office has expanded for the third time.

When the ownership of real estate is conveyed from one person to another, it is important that the buyer gets some assurance that he or she is receiving good title to the property. In the past, this proof of good title was accomplished with an abstract of title. An abstract of title is a summary of all legal documents recorded or filed at the county courthouse in connection with a certain parcel of real estate.

In order for you to know that all the legal work had been performed properly on a property, you would hire an attorney to study all the documents. The attorney would then give you a written opinion stating whether or not you would be receiving a clear title to the property. Because the attorney’s opinion was only an opinion, however, and not a guarantee, some problems could arise such as a forgery on a deed or some challenge by a previous owner or lien-holder.

Today, abstract have become obsolete. Insurance is available that protects you against challenges to your rightful ownership of real estate. Known as Title insurance, it is an actual insurance policy that is provided for the buyer. Title insurance covers the cost of defending your right to the ownership of real estate. If your rights are challenged, the title insurance company will pay the costs of defense and will insure you up to the purchase price of the property. Title insurance is a much safer method of protecting your ownership rights than an abstract of title, and in most cases is required by your mortgage holder.

Their Branch Manager, Christa Sweeney says that their new office is more than double the size of their previous office, which will allow them to take on additional customers, add employees and facilitate more closings as they continue to grow. If you're looking for a realtor, lender, attorney, or any other help they have a list of companies who they have the great pleasure of doing business with and are a perfect fit for your needs. Today, title insurance continues changing and providing security to real estate investors.

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