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Kankakee County Title

In 1910 the two businesses were merged and the Kankakee County Title and Trust Company was born. The company expanded its activities in 1950 and became a representative of Chicago Title and Trust Company, making Title Insurance available for this community since that date. Kankakee Title is the only company having records dating back to the 1850’s which enables staff to accurately provide title services from its own records. The only other source of title records dating this far back is the collection of records maintained over the years by the county.

Kankakee Title provides numerous services for individuals, attorneys, realtors, and financial organizations. In early years, the vast majority of the work performed by Kankakee Title was in updating abstracts of the history of the title to pieces of property. The abstract of title is the legal history of the land that contains information obtained from the county land records and placed in chronological order.
Title insurance policies are issued on sale and loan transactions. After a review of all recorded documents a determination is made on the present condition of the title to the property. Title insurance policies remain in effect until the loan is paid off or the property is sold. The American Land Title Association provides the standards for title insurance policies and what they cover. Kankakee Title writes their policies through Chicago Title Insurance Company, the largest insurer throughout the state of Illinois.
The company has been in the business from more than 90 years and they are dedicated to honoring that achievement by expanding operation and preparing Kankakee title for the future. They will do this through renewed commitment to provide the highest level of products and services to you as their valued customer.    

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