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Webster County Land Title Co.

On November 1, 1970 Webster County Abstract Company, Inc. released its doors to the public. They were the first to offer 24 hour turn around service and since it was a new service in Webster County, the public greeted them with open arms. At that time Title Insurance was not that popular, all of the service was on Abstracting. During the past 30 years, they have seen the changeover to Title Insurance. In 1996 they changed their name to Webster County Land Title Company. Now as then, their reputation for speed and accurate service still makes them the front runner in the industry.
Webster County Land Title is a full service Title Insurance Company and provides many types of land title services in Webster County Missouri. They are an agent for the Title Insurance Underwriters, First American Title Insurance Company, Lawyers Title Insurance Corporation.
Webster County Land Title Co. provides full and correct information, including a full legal description, your order can be processed more quickly. An examination of the land records is performed to confirm ownership of the property and to set out the required documents and information to smooth the progress of the transaction. A closing is usually scheduled by the realtor or lender after the title obligation is concluded. All necessary documents are prepared for the buyers and sellers to confirm the transaction.
Once all the requirements on the title commitment have been fulfilled, the Title Insurance Policy is issued. The lender's policy protects the lender, but not the owner, against title loss, up to the loan amount. The owner's policy covers the owner's interest for the appraisal amount. The policy remains in force for as long as the insured party maintains ownership. 

Webster County Land Title Company undertaking is to provide with dispatch and clarity the most accurate and complete title research, production, and closing services probable.

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