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Title Midwest, Inc.

Title Midwest, Inc. is a title insurance and real estate escrow holding company with 33 locations currently in 28 cities in Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri and Nebraska.  TMI's agencies conduct title searches, issue title insurance commitments and polices, and manage 1031 tax deferred exchanges. In addition, they carry out construction disbursement and real estate escrows and closings.
Title Midwest, Inc. is a stable, well-managed corporation. It began business with the acquisition of Douglas County Title Company, Inc. in Lawrence, Kansas, by two of its current stockholders in 1994. Title Midwest, Inc. was incorporated in 1997 at the time of its second acquisition. Significant acquisitions have added offices, market share, new territories and key company officials.
Policy of Title Insurance is a contract of indemnity between the insured and the insuring company relating to the title to the land described in the policy, protecting the insured against loss of damage by reason of defects, liens or encumbrances of the insured title existing at the date of the Policy and not expressly excepted from its coverage. The Policy is issued after a complete search and examination of the public records and shows the condition of the record title, including any money obligations outstanding against the property, easements and other matters which may affect the rights of ownership, possession and use of the property.
It insures that the record title is good subject only to the exceptions expressly set out in the Policy. lt also insures against certain matters which do not appear of record, such as forgery, identity of parties, incompetence of former owners, interest of missing heirs, and status of individuals not having the right to sell property. 

Title Insurance Premiums are determined by the amount and type of coverage provided. Unlike other insurance premiums, however, the title insurance premium is paid only once as the policy is effective for so long as title or ownership remains in the name of the insured, or his heirs or devises. Rates are filed with the insurance commissioner who regulates the activities of title insurers.

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