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Regional Title and Land Services, Inc.

Regional Title and Land Services, Inc. insurance is a type of insurance that protects the financial interest in property of a lender or owner. In the United States this type of insurance is very common and many companies are specialized in offering a good service to protect their clients. By doing this, the companies are more efficient at the moment of detecting, preventing and removing risks and losses attributable to title problems. Usually, the coverage of the companies is provided on commercial and residential properties, aircraft, and personal property collateral, nautical vessels, among others.
The real estate transaction closes mortgage documents are signed, funds are disbursed and keys are delivered. Regional Title & Land Services, Inc. has a commitment to create a seamless Closing Experience. That commitment is shared by their entire team of local offices and supported by the entire Regional Title & Land Services, Inc.
The role Regional Title & Land Services, Inc. plays in the transaction begins with the title search and examination. Once the status of property ownership has been determined, parties to the transaction are notified of the requirements to close. Documents are prepared, the closing occurs, and the final step of recording documents completes the legal transfer of property. By using this cutting-edge technology which hosts, manages and delivers applications and services to users from their centralized location, Regional Title & Land Services, Inc.
A Certificate of Insurance can be obtained from your condo association or property Management Company. Bring an original Homeowners Insurance Policy to the closing, along with a paid receipt for the first year's premium. If you're refinancing a condo, bring a Certificate of Insurance instead.
Title insurance protects purchaser from are Documents executed under false, revoked or expired powers of attorney, False impersonations of the true landowner, Corporate franchise taxes as liens on corporate real estate assets, Mistakes and omissions resulting in improper abstracting, Issues involving improper marital status, Conveyances in violation of public policy etc. 

A new home purchase is usually the largest single investment a buyer ever makes. For your refinance transaction with Regional Title & Land Services, Inc., you may qualify for a special title insurance rate based on the loan amount. There may be additional charges for recording fees, closing fees and endorsements. They can provide you with an estimate of these costs.

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