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Pike County Title Company

The Pike County Title Company was formed in 1893 under the name of Pike County Abstract and Real Estate Company. The principal incorporator and first president of the Corporation was J. H. Blair, a Bowling Green, Missouri Attorney, who was recognized as an expert in the field of land titles. Later the name of the Corporation was changed to Blair Abstract Company and continued to operate until Mr. Blair's death in 1935. After Mr. Blair's death, his wife, Edith, operated the company until 1938 when Mrs. Blair sold the company to John M. McIlroy and Edward V. Long, who already had acquired the J.V. Davis Abstract Company. The two companies were consolidated to form the Pike County Abstract Company. Edward V. Long was President of the corporation, W. T. McIlroy was Vice President and John M. McIlroy was Secretary/Treasurer. Mrs. Blair continued to work as Assistant Manager until the year of her death in 1953.
In 1958, Pike County Abstract Company purchased the Bowling Green Abstract Company, which had been formed in 1946 by James D. Clemens and Leslie J. Calvert. In 1993, the name of the company was changed to Pike County Title Company to more accurately describe the type of work the company now does. Edward V. Long sold his interest in the company in 1951 to John M. McIlroy, who was elected President of the corporation and served continually as President until 2002, when his son, William C. McIlroy, was elected President.
Pike County Title Company is a member of the Missouri Title Association and American Land Title Association and several of its offices and employees have held offices in the Missouri Title Association and on special committees of the American Land Title Association. The company is proud of its record for rendering good title service in Pike County, Missouri. 

The title insurance is a type of insurance that protects the financial interest in property of a lender or owner. In the United States this type of insurance is very common and many companies are specialized in offering a good service to protect their clients. By doing this, the companies are more efficient at the moment of detecting, preventing and removing risks and losses attributable to title problems. Usually, the coverage of the companies is provided on commercial and residential properties, aircraft, and personal property collateral, nautical vessels, among others.

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