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Hansen Franklin County Land Title & Abstract Co.

Hansen Franklin County Land Title and Abstract Co. Located on the Courthouse Square in Downtown Union since 1865.
Hansen Franklin County Land Title and Abstract Co. specialized in comprehensive real estate land title services. They offer title services, including title insurance, ownership report and foreclosure report. Thye also are providing closing and escrow services, including 1031exchange transactions.
They provide comprehensive real estate services are the outgrowth of the history based abstract of title and attorney’s opinion, title insurance provides the basic coverage guaranteeing ownership of your home and/or property and the validity and enforceability of the lender’s lien. Unlike most forms of insurance, title insurance is an assurance to the insured of the current status of ownership, which is why coverage is provided for a single, one time premium.
Hansen Franklin County Land Title & Abstract Co. Real estate closing services provide the glue that holds the real estate purchase or loan transaction together. By bringing all the elements to the table, their closing services enable sellers, buyers, lenders, realtors, and others, to coordinate their efforts into a smooth transition between dream and reality. As a neutral party in the transaction, the closing service balances the needs and desires of all parties to ensure the proper and legal ownership of property.
The comprehensiveness of their title plant allows them to provide the most accurate and detailed information on property ownerships in Franklin County.
The purchase of real estate is one of the wisest and best investments that you can make. At Hansen Franklin County Land Title and Abstract Company, they know that title coverage should protect you against a number of title defects, any of which could jeopardize your ability to secure a mortgage or sell your home or property. 

They are dedicated to providing landowners, homeowners, realtors, lenders, appraisers, attorneys, and developers with accurate and quality title services at reasonable prices in the most expedient manner possible. They focus on the thoroughness of all parts of the title and closing process, so that you, as the owner, buyer, real estate professional, or lender involved in the transaction, can proceed with confidence toward closing.

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