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Abstract Guaranty Company

As the oldest company in Pottawattamie County, Abstract Guaranty has a rich history and a tradition of customer service and satisfaction. Back to the days of cattle drives, covered wagons and the Squirrel Cage Jail, Abstract Guaranty has the most complete set of records for Pottawattamie County in existence today. Their records precisely keep track of every package and lot in Pottawattamie County dating back to 1853.
In 1919, Abstract Guaranty purchased and consolidated the notes, books and indices of eleven abstracting companies creating a title plant. Their plant is probably the oldest and has the most complete set of records in Iowa. Abstract Guaranty's responsibility is to inspect the County land records to get information regarding the title to the property being purchased. The information is placed in sequential order and presented in an accepted form so that an attorney can provide an opinion as to the marketability of the title.
The abstract is the history of the land as shown by county records. Title Report or Title Search is a snap shot of the title of a property as it is currently being held by the owner. Abstract Guaranty examines the County records and compiles the report. Their reports show current titleholders, all outstanding mortgages, all outstanding judgments, taxes and current land assessments.
Abstract Guaranty Company can provide complete closing services. Real estate closings require specific steps, culminating at the time parties come to the closing table. They understand that and work to make sure failure is not an option. They are experts in pre-petition and post sheriff's deed abstracting proceedings. Abstract Guaranty Company is affiliated with Security Title Company in Omaha, Nebraska. Security Title provides Title Insurance, Deed Preparation and Closing Services for real estate transactions in Nebraska. Security Title Company is an agent for Stewart Title Insurance Company and Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company.
Abstract Guaranty is a member of the Better Business Bureau, American Land Title Association, Iowa Land Title Association and Iowa Title Guaranty. Iowa Title Guaranty is the official title insurance provider in the State of Iowa. Only authorized attorneys and abstractors may provide this service to the public. Abstractors must have a title plant and be in good standing with the State of Iowa. Abstract Guaranty has been a member since inception of Iowa Title Guaranty. 

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