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Doral Title Company

Doral Title Corporation was incorporated in April of 1993, and obtained its license from the Florida Department of Insurance shortly thereafter. The firm is a full service title insurance agency serving a wide variety of clientele. Their Staff of twenty persons are fully bi lingual. Eight of them are situated in the title plant of one of their underwriters.

They want to become the preferred provider of Title Insurance services in the South Florida market for Local and National Real Estate Professionals, and for Consumers looking to buy, sell, or refinance their existing mortgages by providing products and personal service that exceed the expectations of their customers.

The Company provides Real Estate Professionals services such as Title Insurance, Ownership & Encumbrance Reports, and Real Estate Closings, Witness Closings, Escrow Transactions, Foreclosure Transactions, REO Transactions, Inspection Orders, Appraisal Orders, Survey Orders, Flood Cert. Orders, Elevation Certificate Orders, Document Preparation, and Mortgage Recordation.
The Company also provides consumers services such as Title Insurance, Ownership & Encumbrance Reports, Real Estate Closings, Escrow Transactions, and Seller Document Preparation. Doral also is a major provider of services to out of state (National) Lenders and Vendors.
Doral Title Company client list primarily includes major Banks, Credit Unions, and National Lenders. The agency is the preferred vendor for several of these institutions in the South Florida tri county market. This is defined as Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties.

These include First American, Stewart Title Guaranty, and Land America Title Insurance Companies. They perform their own searches, make their own copies, do their own examinations, and type their own commitments. In effect, they are self- sufficient, and they have the ability to expedite rush requests, which, at times, seem commonplace in their industry. In addition to their main facility in Miami-Dade, County, they have a closing facility in Broward County as well. They provide statewide search services in-house, and statewide mobile closing services for the entire State of Florida as well.

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