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Clark Title Company

Clark Title Company is a locally owned title plant in Aberdeen, South Dakota. It has proudly been the Clark Family Business dating back to 1922. William E. Clark, President since 1950, and LaVonne Johnson, Office Manager, ensure that Clark Title Company is one of South Dakota's premiere title plants. They feature up to date technology with software specifically designed for the title industry and escrow closings. 
The Clark Title facility has a direct Internet link with the county courthouse providing fast service with trained professionals. The Company conceitedly services Brown County with title insurance, abstracts, property reports, closing services. They succeed for customer satisfaction by providing excellent service and South Dakota professionalism in every aspect of their business.
The Company lenders policy protects the lender from any loss due to unknown title defects and other certain matters, which may exist but not be known at the time of sale. Lenders want to protect their investment, so they will purchase the lender policy as a standard part of the loan process. This lender policy does not protect the owner’s interest in the property.
A construction loan policy covers the lender providing the financing during the period of time of construction. Rather similar to the lenders policy, the construction loan policy does not provide for any lien or right to a lien imposed by the law for service, labor or material, heretofore or hereafter furnished, except for any lien the declaration of which by a applicant is recorded in the public records at Date of Policy.
The Escrow Closer has a responsibility to both the buyer and seller to conduct the closing in accordance with the terms of the purchase or sale agreement. The closing agent will collect and disburse funds, provide documents for execution and record all necessary instruments with local, county and state recording offices, as applicable. The Title Company will issue the owners and mortgagee title policies that protect interests in the property.
Clark Title is dedicated to taking the Stress out of a Closing. So the experience of the purchase or sale of property is a joyful experience conducted in a convenient and professional manner. Clark Title’s closing officers are skilled and qualified professionals.

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