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Boundary Abstract Company, Ltd.

The title insurance is a type of insurance that protects the financial interest in property of a lender or owner. In the United States this type of insurance is very common and many companies are specialized in offering a good service to protect their clients. By doing this, the companies are more efficient at the moment of detecting, preventing and removing risks and losses attributable to title problems. Usually, the coverage of the companies is provided on commercial and residential properties, aircraft, and personal property collateral, nautical vessels, among others.
Title Insurance is a one time purchase of insurance, good for as long as you or your heirs own the property. This policy insures that you own the property with a good title, meaning no hidden recorded liens, judgments or past heirs that can or could take away part of your title and interest to the property. If a claim is made against your title, the title insurance policy is there to help defend you from financial loss.
Boundary Abstract Company, Ltd provides specialized, considerate service, along with the knowledge and skills necessary for a smooth transition of ownership. The proper documentation and fulfillment of requirements, as appealed by sellers, buyers and lenders concerned. Boundary Abstract is exclusive as it maintains an Idaho attorney on staff. Boundary Abstract Company, Ltd. has served Boundary County since 1915.
Boundary Abstract Company, Ltd. performs as the closing agent in Real Estate Purchase transactions. Short term escrow closing service presents scrivener completion of the documents necessary for the transaction. This includes transfer documents, mortgage documents and settlement statements. Boundary Abstract Company, Ltd. also acts as an agent for the collection and disbursement of funds as specified in properly executed escrow collection instructions. Boundary Abstract Company, Ltd., will hold the original documents and will transfer documents to purchaser when escrow is satisfied.

Boundary Abstract Company, Ltd. will process payments as directed to your checking, savings, partners, loan payments, trustees and individuals. Their additional services include tax and insurance reserve, monthly delinquent reports, monthly consolidated reports, developer and control group reports and property profiles and listing packages.

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