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Western Pioneer Title Insurance Co.

Western Pioneer Title Co. began serving the Lane County community in 1962. Their company was established by a group of nine Eugene investors. They provide a range of services in connection with the sale, purchase, exchange and refinance of real and personal property. Their issuance of title insurance policies provides secure coverage for a Purchaser's or Lender's interest in real property.

In their escrow closing department, they act as a neutral third party in obtaining the necessary signed documents and computing, collecting and disbursing the required funds to complete the sale or refinance of property. Escrow services for the housing of documents and maintenance of bookkeeping records with respect to private party financing are available through their escrow collection department. Their customer service representatives provide general information for any parcel of real estate in Lane County, usually at no charge.

The owners and managers of Western Pioneer Title Co. believe that the key to providing excellent service is having a superior staff. The responses they receive from their customers continually confirm this belief. The employees at Western Pioneer Title Co. are unquestionably their greatest asset.

Title insurance is an insured statement of the condition of an ownership or security interest in real property. A title insurance policy describes the property in detail and states what limitations, if any, there are to an ownership or security interest. For example, the property may be subject to existing liens or encumbrances, mineral rights may have been reserved by a prior owner or easements may have been granted to utility companies or adjacent property owners.

Western Pioneer Title Co. offers a full range of collection escrow services for the handling of private notes and trust deeds or mortgages, land sale contracts, business sale agreements and other agreements of indebtedness. Through their dedication in providing fast, friendly and accurate service in a professional atmosphere, Western Pioneer Title Co. has established itself as the leader in a highly competitive market.

At Western Pioneer Title Co. they offer a range of services in connection with the sale, purchase, exchange, and refinance of real and personal property. They handle more escrow closings and issue more title insurance than any other Lane County title company.

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