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Benson Title Co.Inc.

The title insurance industry was born because of the need to protect the real estate purchasers from unwanted challenges to their property titles. With property titles still researched much as they were 100 years ago, they add to establish techniques with the newest research and delivery technologies. They provide the same personal care backed by careful expertise their clients have come to expect over their firm’s service for four decades in Wyandotte and Johnson Counties.
There are numerous problems that can arise when buying a house. A previous owner could have taken out a loan on the property, which would become the new owner's debt. In a separation or divorce, the previous owner could have taken out a mortgage without the knowledge of their partner. A lost heir could appear and stake a claim to the property. Title insurance protects new owners from all of these claims.
Benson Title Co has been serving the Kansas City community for over forty years with an attentiveness of their researchers as their foundation and the timely delivery with peace of mind as their goal. The firm eliminates risks for their clients by thoroughly researching the chain of title and providing the protection the clients need with an insurance policy. They offer Owner’s, Lender's and Leaseholder's title insurance on residential and commercial properties. Other services that are offered by Benson Title Co, to the customers include closing document preparation, commercial and residential closings, escrow services, home equity policy, lender's policy, leaseholder’s policy, owner's policy, ownership and encumbrance report, recording services, title search.
If one of these problems occurs and you are without title insurance, you could be forced to move out. You could also legally be required to pay a debt on a house that is no longer yours. If you have fee title insurance, the title company will handle any litigation or payments towards your case. In the very rare case of title loss on your property, the title company can pay you or buy the mortgage from the bank.

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