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San Juan County Abstract

The Company is proud to have San Juan County's oldest and most complete Title and Abstract Plant. Their data systems are on the cutting edge of today's technology, and it is their commitment to make sure they always are. Title, escrow and bookkeeping departments all benefit from the latest technologies available, which means their clients receive the fastest and most accurate service possible.
The Company are authorized and licensed to issue all title insurance products and endorsements promulgated by the New Mexico Department of Insurance, relating to real property located in San Juan County, New Mexico. In conjunction with issuing title insurance, they offer document preparation, funds handling, and more. They can assist you in virtually all facets of your real estate sale or loan transaction.
In order to process zoning variance requests, local city governments require a list of all owners in the area affected by the change. They have established a standard form of search which meets all of the requirements of any city for this purpose. They offer oil & gas production companies many options when requesting mineral abstracts. San Juan Title has long been the leader in providing this information to all such companies.
Title insurance is an insurance policy or contract issued by a title company. It protects you, the purchaser or owner, against a loss that may arise by reason of a defect in your ownership or an interest you have in real property. In addition, the title insurance company agrees to defend you in court if there is an attack on your title. It will cover attorney and court expenses or pay a loss caused by the defect in title up to the face amount of the policy subject to the terms listed in your policy.
The Company most property owners mortgage or borrow money at the time of purchase or during ownership, the lender can be expected to request protection of its investment against loss. Lenders know that many things can cause loss of title or that expenses are incurred while defending an attack.
The Company insists upon a Mortgagee's Title Insurance Policy to protect their stockholders' and investors' investment in your property. An Owner's Title Insurance Policy protects your investment equity as the buyer or owner of the property. As the owner, you should want to have the same assurance as the lender that the investment you have made cannot be lost because of a problem or defect with the title.

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