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Preferred Title

Preferred Title Company has been providing title services for many years, with Ken having over 24 years of knowledge in the title business and title examination. The entire staff of Preferred Title all has wide training and knowledge in order to guarantee that your transaction is handled in the best and most well-organized manner.
In order to provide the best service possible Preferred Title Company aggressively participates in the education and training provided by the Missouri Land Title Association and the Missouri Bar Association.  Ken Ashlock is a common speaker at the Missouri Land Title Association title school events. Preferred Title can support you with your real estate needs. They have a proficient title department that executes searches of the county real estate records with immaculate precision. Their closing staff is well-organized and pleasant, closing your refinance or sale with care and accuracy. 
Preferred Title Company provides full title insurance and closing services for any type of real estate transaction. Preferred Title Company is an issuing agent for Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company and can provide owners and lenders coverage in any amount needed. In addition, they are able to provide leasehold policies and any endorsements that may be needed to satisfy lender requirements.
All of the offices of Preferred Title Company can offer closing services for sale, refinance, trades or exchange transactions. Preferred Title is accepted by all major lenders to act as closing agent for your transactions. Preferred Title Company can provide construction disbursement services for new construction in Greene, Christian, Hickory and Polk County, Missouri. In addition, if you have a major commercial project that needs disbursement services, we can refer you to Commonwealth Land Title Company 

Preferred Title Company will provide complete real estate title insurance and closing services for transactions in Southwest Missouri, while paying attention to the needs of the individual parties to the closing process.

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