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Penn Attorneys Title Insurance Co.

Penn Attorneys Title Insurance Co. was organized and chartered in 1980 by a group of Erie County attorneys whose objective was to provide a reliable and lower cost alternative to other title insurers. An evaluation of rates will show that this has been accomplished as they offer the lowest approved attorney rates for title insurance in Pennsylvania.
Penn Attorneys issues policies only to Pennsylvania lawyers for their use in closing real estate transactions for both lenders and owners. There are no approval fees or minimum volume requirements. At Penn Attorneys, they are always working to improve the services they offer to their approved attorney clients.
In addition to continuing to expand ways to streamline daily business processes, they also provide their clients with competitive pricing through their vendor relationships for a variety of products and services. From time to time, Penn Attorneys will issue a Title Alert to keep their approved attorneys apprised of the latest laws, court rulings or other important matters concerning real estate and title insurance.
This is a service where they check their title archives and provide you with a Quick Title Report that supplies title information through a exact date and time. Then, in its place of doing a full search, all you have to do is to bring down search and an Attorney’s Preliminary Certificate and Report on Title. They combine the information and process your title insurance request in record saving you time and money and limiting your exposure.
Today, title insurance continues changing and providing security to real estate investors. Several years of experience have given the title insurance a prestige difficult to surpass.

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