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Northwestern Title

Northwestern Title has been serving the central Ohio area since 1967. They are family owned and operated title insurance agency. However, it is not their bloodlines that make them different. It is the attention to details employed by this talented cast of professionals. The real estate business is filled with compressed calluses and intercepts issues that can easily droop of your radar screen. Luckily, the Northwestern Title family of companies utilize host of professionals that provides extremely advance services to seller, buyers and lender.
Their Mortgagee Title Insurance covers the interest of the lender. The lender interest and owner interest are completely different and are not transferable. Since the mortgagee policy insures the interest of the lender, the buyer pays for it as part of the requirements for the loan. They provide buyers with complete assurance of the validity of the title, which relieves both buyer and seller of liability for title problems such as fraud, inappropriate transfers, unrevealed heirs and human error in writing out information. If someone claims they have rights to your land and you are covered by owner’s title insurance, the title company must protect your interest in court.
Northwest Title offers the ease of signing documents in advance and leaving them with them while you concentrate on the business. They can prepare escrow agreements, hold escrowed funds and distribute these funds according to said agreement and instruction from the lender. Northwest Title executes construction loan closings, holds funds for disbursement, performs title updates and acquires lien waivers from contractors in agreement with instructions attained from the lender and Ohio law. 

Northwest Title is Ohio’s leading joint venture partner. This means their many partners are joined by one united assignment to better serve their clients needs.

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