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Lawyers Title Insurance Company

Lawyers Title Insurance Company, Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company, and Transnation Title Insurance Company, services its residential and commercial customers with more than 600 offices throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.
The Cromwell, Connecticut office of Land America Exchange Company also serves as an office for Lawyers Title Insurance Company. Their office is equipped to handle like kind exchange transactions throughout the country, and they also issue title insurance policies through a network of affiliated attorney agents throughout Connecticut.
Title insurance is a single premium agreement to indemnify or hold harmless a policy holder for losses caused by both on record and off record defects found in the title to an insured property. The coverage afforded by the policy can never exceed the face amount of the policy, and the risks covered by the policy are limited to title defects that are in existence on the date on which the policy is issued.
John P. Ford is Vice President of both Land America Exchange Company and Lawyers Title Insurance Company, and serves as manager of the Cromwell office. He is a veteran of over twenty years in the title industry. John is a former president of the Connecticut Title Association, and is a member of the American Land Title Association, the New England Land Title Association, and the Connecticut Mortgage Bankers Association.
The title insurance is a type of insurance that protects the financial interest in property of a lender or owner. In the United States this type of insurance is very common and many companies are specialized in offering a good service to protect their clients. By doing this, the companies are more efficient at the moment of detecting, preventing and removing risks and losses attributable to title problems. 

Usually, the coverage of the companies is provided on commercial and residential properties, aircraft, and personal property collateral, nautical vessels, among others. Their goal is to provide lasting solutions as frequently or infrequently as necessary for your specific business.  They understand small businesses and know that their needs are often times as unique as their owners. With this in mind, they also maintain a referral network of professionals in various fields that are of importance to small businesses and their owners, so that their clients can receive top notch service in all areas of expertise.

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