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Lake County Abstract & Title Co.

Lake County Abstract & Title Co. has been serving since 1923 providing the most complete and reliable land title services available. They are a member of both the Montana Land Title Association and the American Land Title Association.
Their title policies go through a vigorous search and examination process with the help of their professional staff. Through their turnkey process, they offer two types of insurance policies, an owners and a mortgage policy. Before they issue any policy, it becomes a report or what they call a commitment. This commitment states who the deed holder is, any outstanding liens, encumbrances and other defects, which might affect the title of the property.
Lake County Abstract & Title Co. insurance policies are a contract of indemnity. The policy will protect you against any hidden title hazards for as long as you own the property. Remember, many things can go wrong during the title process, which can affect clear title to the property, like clerical mistakes in the public records, previously undisclosed heirs with claims against the property, a forged deed that transfers no title to real estate and many more. They can help you fix past title defects and secure your most important investment for the future.
The escrow process was developed to help facilitate the sale or purchase of your home. An escrow is convenient for the buyer and seller because both can move forward separately but simultaneously in providing inspections, reports, loan commitments and funds, deeds, and many other items, using the escrow holder as the central depositing point.
Their title insurance protects possibly the most important investment you will ever make the investment in real estate. A lender goes to great lengths to minimize the risk of lending money for the purchase of real estate. First, credit is checked as an indication of the borrower's ability to repay the loan. The lender seeks assurance that the quality of the title to the property to be acquired and which will be pledged as security for the loan is satisfactory. The lender does this by obtaining a loan policy of title insurance. 

The title insurance objective is to protect the parties concerned about real state deals by determining their rights and interests as well as to ensure the secure and quick transfer of property.

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