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Jefferson Title Company, Inc.

Established as the Jefferson County Abstract Company, their records have been protecting homeowners and investors since 1890. Their firm is the oldest and most complete title company in Jefferson County.
Under their system of law, it's entirely possible for someone to claim an interest in real estate you think is yours. Even if you defend successfully in court, there are legal fees and costs to be paid. If your defense fails, your real estate ownership will be threatened and you could suffer serious financial loss. When you buy a home, you should expect clear title to the real estate. If your land title is clouded by claims, possible hazards and other problems, the security of your ownership will be in jeopardy.
For protection against these and other types of land title difficulties, rely on Jefferson Title Company. Their experts search and examine public records to locate trouble in advance so problems can be cleared up whenever possible and transactions can be completed. Title searches provide a basis for issuing owner's title insurance, which safeguards against hazards including some that even a search will not disclose. Owner's title insurance will pay for defending against an attack on title as insured and will either perfect the title or pay valid claims. All for a one-time charge at closing.
All of us buy or sell something almost every day. Usually the transaction is a simple matter of handing over a few coins. Nothing to it, no paperwork required. But if you are buying a house, the deal is going to involve more money, more people, and a lot of paperwork. These documents are important. They affect your legal rights to live in a house, enjoy its use, and sell it. 

Without them, you simply cannot buy real estate. Of course, someone must select and prepare the documents. But to do so requires a thorough knowledge of the law. Jefferson title Company's Limited Practice Officer's are certified by the Washington State Supreme Court under A.P.R. 12 to select and prepare documents, on approved forms, according to the parties' agreements and instructions. Their closing service is conveniently networked to other professionals in the United States.

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