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Glow Title & Esrcow

Glow Title and Escrow is a full service title company, handling numerous types of Residential and Commercial transactions. The company has been serving countries throughout Florida and the United States since 1983. They are a bonded title insurance agent for two of the highest rated underwriters in America, first American title insurance and fidelity national title.

They provide you with insurance policies for owners and mortgage policies for the lender's interest in real property, Owner's and Encumbrance Reports that reflect information from county property records, real estate closings connected with the issuance of title insurance and lien searches for current owner record title information. Their company options include services for purchase money mortgages, refinances, mortgage purchases, buybacks, lot purchase, construction loans, FHA, VA, conventional financing, 1031 exchange, and many more.

Of Title Insurance is the obligation of the insurer to defend you against claims of others. A neighbor may claim rights to a portion of your land without Title Insurance you would have to bear the cost of settling this dispute through the courts, regardless of the validity of the claim. The Florida Department of Insurance establishes rates for title insurance that ALL title companies must charge. In addition to the rates, buyers, sellers or borrowers must pay a search fee, closing fee and examination fee.

If one of these problems occurs and you are without title insurance, you could be forced to move out. You could also legally be required to pay a debt on a house that is no longer yours. If you have fee title insurance, the title company will handle any litigation or payments towards your case. In the very rare case of title loss on your property, the title company can pay you or buy the mortgage from the bank.
A title insurance policy protects the owner if the actual house is taken away in a disaster. The title insurance policy coverage will last as long as you own the home. You can have cover and peace of mind for all these events if they do occur, from only one initial premium.

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