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Douglas County Title

As one of the first companies established in Roseburg, and the very first title and Escrow Company in the county, Douglas County Title Company is proud of its family owned heritage. Since 1879, the ownership of Douglas County Title Company has been passed down through the generations and at present day, remains the only locally owned, community based Title Company in the area.
The Umpqua Savings and Loan Association, which was organized by H.O. Pargeter, W.F. Harris and others, acquired the building at the southeast corner of Oak and Jackson Streets. Douglas Abstract and the Umpqua Savings and Loan Association shared space starting in 1932 and 1956. Also at this time Douglas Abstract was becoming involved in the insurance business and this was to become Umpqua Insurance.
Robert L. Harris joined his father in business in October 1945 after serving in World War II as a captain and company commander of the 31st Chemical Decontamination Company. In 1964, with the discontinued use of the abstract and the issuance of title insurance, the company became Douglas County Title Company. The company moved to its present location at 629 S.E. Main in 1957.

Title insurance is a policy that is issued by Douglas County Title Company insuring against any defects in the title.  Unless the title is insured, homeowners and lenders cannot be sure that they will not suffer a loss through title disputes after buying or lending on real estate. If the title is ever defeated, title insurance reimburses owners and lenders for the amount of their loss up to the face value of the policy.
The seller or borrower, pays for the cost of the title insurance, this fee is based on the sales and borrowed amount.  The buyer is named as the insured in a sale, with the lender being named as insured when refinancing.
When an order is placed with Douglas County Title Company, a title search is performed in order to determine if there are any liens or encumbrances showing of record affecting the property.  A preliminary title report also shows easements and rights of way of record that pertain to the property. A copy of the report is then provided to all interested parties. This report is the base that they use when issuing title insurance.

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