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Titleserv was founded on a fundamental premise to be the title insurance provider of choice by offering the most reliable and comprehensive title insurance services in the residential and commercial industry. Because of their intense client commitment and talent for complex problem solving, the firm has established a reputation as a unique player in their industry with a visionary outlook toward the future. Their home office is located in Woodbury, New York. The facility occupies 65,000 square feet and is dedicated entirely to their title insurance and settlement business. Titleserv offers residential and commercial title services throughout the country. The Titleserv family is one of the largest title agencies in the U. S.
Since its inception, Titleserv has set the benchmark for excellence by attracting dynamic, resourceful, and creative individuals. Their staff is extremely talented and experts in title insurance, information technology, banking, and real estate law, and uniquely qualified to offer the highest degree of knowledge and service. They are totally committed to meeting their clients' challenging requirements.
Their title professionals possess a combined wealth of knowledge and numerous years of experience with each aggressive, client-oriented, and motivated. By consistently following established procedures, Titleserv has enabled its clients to save time and, ultimately, money. Their common goal is to provide exemplary client service with outstanding leadership through every level of corporate structure.
They provide services like Survey & Appraisal Services including Survey re-date and re-certification and Appraisal services. They also provide Insured Services like Mortgage policies, Owner's policies, Leasehold mortgage policies and Leas hold owner's policies and Settlement Services like Purchase, Refinance, 1st Mortgage, CEM Loans and Home Equities. Additionally Titleserv offers services like Foreclosure Services like Insured mortgage foreclosure certificates and Foreclosure certificates and Certifications like Single and separate certifications, Map certifications, Zoning lot certifications and Street dedication searches. 

Their experienced team of title counsel and their staff possess the vital level of expertise to successfully compete in the national real estate forum. Because their company performance is powered by their clients' high expectations, their corporate culture is aggressive and purposefully proactive. Their professional staff members exhibit knowledge, drive, and enthusiasm.

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