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RGS Title, LLC

Title is the ownership in real property. Among other things, it means that you have the legal right to possess, occupy, peacefully enjoy and sell your property without interference from others, subject only to restrictions imposed by governmental authorities or previous owners. In most cases, title is transferred by deed which is recorded in the land records of the county in which the property is located. Generally, when property is sold, an attorney for the Buyer or a title examiner goes to the record room and searches the land records for any title defects.
The company was established in Oakton, Virginia in 1988, RGS Title has been the Washington D.C. metropolitan area's leading residential real estate settlement company for over 16 years. From the beginning they have never forgotten the fundamental business philosophies of truly exceptional customer service, innovative marketing strategies and employee recognition.

Growing from 1 small office, with 885,000 dollars in transaction volume in their first year to 23 offices with over 3,700,000,000 dollars in 2003, they are proud to have earned the name.
The Company’s Lender Services program is designed to meet the ever changing needs of the lender community and focuses on four basic principles which are  Providing a quality title product, Delivering this product with unmatched speed and accuracy, Utilizing all available technology in order to deliver information and products in a form most convenient to each individual Lender Client, Address all post closing issues promptly including the capability to deliver title policies in compatible electronic format.

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