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Epic Equity Services

The purchase of a house is said to be one of the most stressful things a person will ever do. With so many different aspects to worry about, title insurance can often be overlooked. The purchase of title insurance can end up saving you thousands of dollars and can prevent potential problems in the future. Manager Jonathan Fieldsend describes CF Epic’s UK Equity Fund as a high performance fund. About half of the portfolio, which has between 50 and 60 stocks, is invested in the FTSE 100.
The Company devotes a lot of time to analyzing the price and metrics of a company and spends a lot of time on cash flow analysis. They try to have a view of how much money they might be making in three years time, says Mr. Fieldsend. They like businesses that offer big growth opportunities.
At Epic they understand the countless circumstances that inevitably create debt and the incredible stress debt brings with it. They also realize that debt is unique to the individual, and should be treated as such. Epic Financial Management is a group of financial experts, consisting of accountants, mortgage bankers, credit counselors and attorneys, who will analyze your particular situation and customize a sound financial plan to eliminate and keep you out of debt.
Whether your debt is derived from unsecured credit card debt, medical bills, utility bills, collections or secured debt mortgages, automobiles, recreational vehicles or home equity lines of credit, Epic can work on your behalf to reduce, refinance or eliminate these debts.
Counseling, education and long term financial planning are part of their program. In conjunction with their ability to eliminate your debt, it is their goal to not only help you enjoy a debt free life but also to help prepare you for a more prosperous future.

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