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Crossroads Abstract

The purchase of a house is said to be one of the most stressful things a person will ever do. With so many different aspects to worry about, title insurance can often be overlooked. The purchase of title insurance can end up saving you thousands of dollars and can prevent potential problems in the future

Crossroads Abstract is an independent Title Insurance agent, issuing title insurance for properties in New York State. Crossroads also performs title searches for most counties in upstate New York .This includes certified and uncertified land records searches, tax searches, Bankruptcy searches and foreclosure searches. Crossroads Abstract is committed in providing the highest quality of work in the shortest possible time, from the friendliest people in the industry.

Crossroads Abstract was started in 1990 by their current president and CEO Michael T. McCauley.  Using his decades of knowledge in the title field, years of goodwill with the attorneys in the area, and the most extensive computerization of an abstract office in upstate New York at that time, Mr. McCauley has grown Crossroads into the largest independent title service provider in upstate New York.  The acquisition of Finger Lakes Title in 1992, along with their experienced staff, extended the service area of Crossroadsinto the Finger Lakes area, where Crossroadsnow dominates the market. 

The location of their main office is in Rochester. Crossroads is committed in providing their customers with the best possible service. Sometimes this involves giving you easier access to information that is already in the public domain. Commonwealth and Lawyers are separate entities, but are all owned by Land America and share some operations. 
Crossroads Abstract is an agent for five major national underwriters.  All these companies have excellent reputations in the title field, with different strengths for each underwriter.  They feel that having multiple underwriters allows them to be more flexible in their title clearance process.  It also allows them to reissue from more old policies, done by other agents.  This means more bookkeeping and forms for them, but a smoother closing process for their clients. 

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