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Ohio Bar Title Insurance Company

Ohio Bar Title Insurance Company is the largest domestic title company in the State of Ohio. The Company traces its roots back to 1955 when operations began in Dayton. Since then, the headquarters have moved to Columbus and operations have expanded into Kentucky and Indiana.
In March of 1999, the company was acquired by The First American Corporation, Santa Ana, California. Although owned by a parent company, they continue to operate as Ohio Bar Title and continue to deliver outstanding underwriting and marketing services to their agents, who are primarily Ohio attorneys. Under the First American umbrella, their agents enjoy the best of both worlds the strength and resources of the nation’s largest title underwriter as well as the niche services that only the company, as an Ohio-based underwriter, can provide.
Some coverage’s have never before been offered by any title insurer; some were previously obtainable only by endorsement; and some even provide post-policy protection. And all are in addition to the legal defense benefit always provided by title insurance, which affords protection to the homeowner without reducing the policy amount. There is an additional premium for the Eagle Policy, but the benefits are extensive.
Three important new coverage’s deal with violations of restrictions that occurred before the insured homeowner purchased the property. One protects against the loss of title because of the violations; another extends protection to an insured that is unable to close a sale or obtain a loan because of the violation; and a third protects against loss from attempts by others to enforce restrictions against the insured. This coverage’s were previously available only by endorsement and never to this extent. Now, these unforeseen problems are covered by the Eagle Policy with only the third coverage loss from the enforcement of restrictions subject to a small deductible 1 percent of the policy amount. 

They are proud of their reputation as a solid, highly regarded underwriter and the only one with the distinction of being closely connected to Ohio’s legal community. Part of that reputation stems from their financial stability ratings and strong market share.

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