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Blackacre Title Agency

Blackacre Title Agency is a duly authorized agent of Stewart Title Insurance Company and United General Title Insurance Company. Blackacre is authorized to issue title reports, title insurance policies and endorsements on behalf of these title insurance companies.
The firm is a full service title insurance agency that handles both residential and commercial transactions throughout New York State. Additionally, it specializes in foreclosure searches and all types of non-insured title searches.
At Blackacre they take service to the highest level. Their entire staff consists of trained professionals who are committed to providing clear, concise and easy-to-navigate reports. Their reports are extremely accurate and comprehensive and they aim to expedite problem free closings. 
There are numerous problems that can arise when buying a house. A previous owner could have taken out a loan on the property, which would become the new owner's debt. In a separation or divorce, the previous owner could have taken out a mortgage without the knowledge of their partner. A lost heir could appear and stake a claim to the property. Title insurance protects new owners from all of these claims.
Their in house general counsel helps them maintain the highest level of accuracy by providing professional expertise and carefully examining each document for any inaccuracies before it is released to the client. To support their staff's efforts, they have invested heavily in cutting-edge computer hardware and software programs. In an effort to provide their clients with superior service, they are committed to expanding their technological capabilities and enhancing their employees' performance.
As part of their rigorous policy of agency control, both Stewart Title Insurance Company and United General Title Insurance Company conduct an annual audit of Blackacre's financial and underwriting practices. 

It is this comprehensive package of unparalleled services that distinguishes Blackacre from the competition and enables them to fulfill their promise To Be the Best Title Company in the Industry.

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