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Mac Gregor Abstract Corp.

MacGregor Abstract is fully customized to track title orders from inception to post closing. Ninety five percent of all titles are delivered within ten working days of an order. The company can also handle rush requests without disrupting the normal title flow.
The company offers a full range of title insurance products including fee owner, mortgage, leasehold, and insurance policies. In addition to title services, MacGregor Abstract offers a wide variety of services designed and coordinated to assist their clients. They are pleased to represent the industries major underwriters. Mac Gregor Abstract Corp. Services include but are not limited to Cooperation Searches, Attorney Searches, Bankruptcy Searches and 1031 Exchange. They are pleased to represent the industries major underwriters such as First American, Lawyers Title and United General.
As the industry expanded, title insurance companies and their agents began providing basic services to real estate sellers, buyers, lenders, brokers, developers, attorneys, builders, and others. There are numerous problems that can arise when buying a house. A previous owner could have taken out a loan on the property, which would become the new owner's debt. In a separation or divorce, the previous owner could have taken out a mortgage without the knowledge of their partner. A lost heir could appear and stake a claim to the property. Title insurance protects new owners from all of these claims. 

The company strives to meet both industry standards and the increased demand of the company's successful client base. If one of these problems occurs and you are without title insurance, you could be forced to move out. You could also legally be required to pay a debt on a house that is no longer yours. If you have fee title insurance, the title company will handle any litigation or payments towards your case. In the very rare case of title loss on your property, the title company can pay you or buy the mortgage from the bank.

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