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Why Do I Need a Home Inventory? Or Will I Regret Putting this Off for Later?

Do you remember the Boy Scouts motto? Well if you don't it's ok; the scout motto is "BE PREPARED". While noone will debate Hurricane Katrina could not be avoided, the flooding afterwards is currently being debated as to whether or not that could have been avoided. What could you have done if you were one of the unfortunate ones caught in the hurricanes' path of destruction?

If you had remembered the Boy Scouts motto you would have had a home inventory stored in a safe and secure location far away from your home. What is a home inventory? A home inventory is document that includes pictures, documentation and information about every item in your household. The reason you need this is best explained by the following "Having a home inventory is one of the best ways to maximize your insurance dollars," says Insurance Infrmation institute spokeswoman Jeanne M. Salvatore as quoted By Don Oldenburg Washington Post: Tuesday, January 25, 2005; Page C10

In other words as your insurance policy says, you may have to prove what you have lost. So if your home was destroyed by a Hurricane, fire or any other cause; when you file your claim you are going to have another heartbreaking experience in trying to get paid for your losses because you can't prove what you lost unless you have a home inventory that will smoothen out the claims process and maximize your claim, as Ms. Salvatore mentioned.

"People make three common mistakes. The first one is not buying flood insurance. The second one is not insuring a home to its full replacement cost value. And third is not having a home inventory. You can get free home inventory software at Insurance Information Institute." from the transcript of Carolyn Gorman Vice President, Insurance Information Institute live online Tuesday, Sept. 6, at 1 p.m. ET to take questions and comments about coverage for damage claims caused by Hurricane Katrina: Tuesday, September 6, 2005; 1:00 PM Washington Post.

Don't be caught unprepared, prepare for the unexpected. It's the reason you have insurance and if you have it you should do everything in your power to get the most dollars for your claim. Don't procrastinate any longer, this preventative medicine is worth it's weight in gold. Get your home inventory now www. provides free software for you to do it on your own or your can contact, they are a home inventory service that will provide you with everything you'll need in case of a disaster. Not only will they inventory your home and it's exterior but the will also digitize all your important documents for you (deed to your house, passports, legal papers, etc). Preparing makes sense, get ready now! H.I.S.S. Home Inventory Service Specialists is headed up by Richard Berroa; a producer whose background is in live T.V. production and documentaries. At HBO, NBC and PBS; Rich was responsible for gathering all the information for the shoot (the who, what, when, where) and putting them to insure a successful production (the How). That skill set is now put to work for your own H.I.S.S. catalog; which is a mini production itself. The same commitment, attention to details and meticulous organization will now work for you. We are a company set up to serve an under served need; the fact is that all insurance companies tell their clients to make an inventory but they do not provide this service to their customers. WHY? Maybe it is because it's simply is not in their (the insurance company's) best interest. Empowering you the customer is our priority. We are insured; currently we service the entire east coast but we are willing to travel beyond on a per case basis. CEO:

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