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Theft and Vandalism: What to Do if You Are the Victim?

Even if you live in a great neighborhood, you may be subjected to theft and vandalism. For this reason, it is important that you consider buying home insurance because it has a level of coverage that includes protection and compensation for losses due to vandalism and theft. But first of all, let see what vandalism and theft refer to. While vandalism refers to the intentional and malicious destruction of the property of others, theft takes place when someone takes the property and belongings of others without permission. Although they refer to different actions, they are closely related, and you should have a policy that protects your possessions in either case.

Take into account that the premium you will have to pay depends on the level of coverage, the insurance company, the property and belongings to insure, among other conditions. For instance, the insurance rate will be higher in those places where theft and vandalism claims are higher. Once you decide which policy protects you the most, you must know what to do in case your property has been affected by one of these situations or both of them. It is important that you talk about this with your agent to know what you should do in case of being victim of theft or vandalism. Nevertheless, there are some measures that you can take to facilitate police officer and agent work.

First of all, make a list in which you include all the items that have been stolen. In that way, you can have a clear idea of your loss and its cost. If you can, include additional information such as a description of the items, the place and moment in which they were taken and the amount that you paid for them. If you have this information prepared in advance, it is for sure the agents’ work will be done more easily and faster. It is preferable that you have receipts, owner’s manual, photos, and so on to identify stolen items easily. Always remember to keep in touch with the agent and buy the policy that better protects you. Good luck!

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