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Protection Against Fire: Insurance and Smoke Damage

As you know, there are different types of home insurance with different levels of coverage. If you want to protect your home from the damages caused by fire, there is an especial policy that provides you with this protection and that besides, offers the financial support you need to afford the costs of repairing, rebuilding and recovering your property and belongings. Usually, when people consider buying this kind of policies, they do not think about the damage caused by smoke which is as important or even more than the one caused by fire.

Even if you know that your house is protected against fire, you should take some measures in order not to face the awful consequences of fire and, therefore, smoke. Creating a safe environment is not as difficult as you may think. You only need to take some precautions such as having smoke alarms, turning off all electrical appliances and items not in use, keeping candles and heaters away from furniture or inflammable items. Also, try to check and repair all the electrical installations to make sure that they are in good condition. This is also a smart decision because it can help you save money. Remember that the policy will be more expensive if there are more probabilities of fire.

As mentioned before, smoke is as harmful as fire or even more. First of all, you should know that fire produces two types of smoke damage: invisible odor and visible soot. It is crucial that after a fire you start the cleaning and restoration process soon in order to recover what is possible. Smoke makes the restoration more difficult since it usually moves to upper levels of the structure and moves from floors through pipes, plumbing systems or holes. Damage caused by fire and the time the restoration process takes also depends on the type of smoke. Thus, when you decide which policy to buy, consider the one that includes compensation for the losses due to fire and smoke.

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