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Mobile Homeowner’s Insurance

If you own a mobile home, you may want insurance protection against damage to your home from fire, windstorms, or other physical damage. But also against theft of personal property, legal liability for injury or damage which is not auto-related, arising out for your negligence or that of members of your family.

Insurance for mobile homes provides a similar coverage to that of the regular homeowner’s policy. However, mobile home insurance is tailored to meet the specific needs of the mobile homeowner. This type of insurance often costs more than conventional house insurance because of the differentiations in construction between the mobile home and the regular house. In addition, mobile home’s have a greater susceptibility to wind damage than conventional residences.

There are several ways to insure your mobile home, and all companies offer different insurance policies. For this reason, before you purchase mobile home insurance, make sure you understand the coverage provided by the policy and the costs of this coverage. The “mobile homeowner’s policy” is a package of insurance written exclusively for mobile homes. It includes coverage on the mobile home as well as theft and personal liability protection. This package can be either a “named peril” or a “comprehensive policy”.

A named peril policy typically covers losses for your mobile home and its contents in the event of fire, explosion, lightning, windstorm, transportation, theft, personal effects, and riot or civil commotion. On the other hand, a comprehensive policy covers losses from damage to your property as long as the cause of the damage is direct, sudden and accidental, and that the cause of the damage is not listed as exclusion in your policy. This means that a comprehensive policy covers all the perils that are not specifically listed as exclusions. Read your policy carefully to ensure that you understand your responsibilities. The coverage of your insurance policy will vary according to the type of policy and your individual needs.

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