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Multiple Risk Managers, Inc.

Insurance is a way to manage risk by providing you with the support to face financial losses due to a tragedy or accident. It involves paying a premium according to the property subjected of insurance and the type of protection you want to give it among other aspects.
Multiple Risk Managers’s relationship driven decisions on borderline cases is based on solid and supported recommendations from agents. The company is licensed in all 50 states. At Multiple Risk Managers, Inc, they view their agents as strategic partners, thereby eliminating unnecessary and time consuming layers of underwriting.
Whether coverage is needed for a standard or difficult case, they are interested in discussing your client's needs.  They are committed to developing special relationships with proven surety professionals. Multiple Risk Managers, Inc. is rated excellent by A.M. Best, U.S. Treasury-Listed, and can write bonds up to millions dollars with their reinsurance.
Multiple Risk Managers, Inc. provides bonding in all 50 states for your contract and commercial surety needs in the standard and specialty market place Commercial Workers Compensation, Financial Guarantee, Miscellaneous, License & Permit, Court Bonds, Tax Bonds.
Multiple Risk Managers, Inc. contractor book of business includes standard market surety accounts such as general builders, heavy and industrial contractors, highway, municipal and utility contractors and specialty trade contractors.  Multiple Risk Managers, Inc. specialty surety accounts include supply and service contractors, environmental remediation and hazardous materials contractors and design build contractors.  Multiple Risk Managers, Inc. commercial book of business also includes workers compensation, financial guarantee, closure, post closure, court and fiduciary and nearly every other type of miscellaneous commercial surety bond.

They are a company committed to providing high quality insurance products and outstanding customer service to their policyholders, claimants and agents that represent them. They know their mission and business strategy and are committed to the long term success of the organization and the financial protection of their policyholders. They possess the core competencies needed to perform their jobs and they continuously improve and learn. They are focused on the future as well as the present. They consider how their actions today will impact the organization and their customers of tomorrow.

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